Block Puzzle Jewel

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Block Puzzle Jewel is game Free. You can playing free online it's on your mobile, tablet or computer. No downloads, no login on kbh games

Block Puzzle Jewel game is a fun and simple puzzle gem puzzle game that combines Sudoku and Tetris in one. The game is simple to control and for the most important point is, once you play it, you will love it instantly.
+ Challenging block-filling game with brain teasers can sharpen your mind and improve your logical thinking ability.

1. Drag the gem squares into the 9x9 grid
2. Fill up a row, a column or a grid to eliminate the gems
3. Eliminate more than one row, column or 3x3 squares at a time,you can get more points
4. When you encounter unsuitable gems, you can put them into the storage grid
5. When there is no more space to fill the gems, the game is over

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