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INVERSION 2048 game is a free KBH Games Casual. It has 1059 plays. and you can play this game online in your browser without the need for installation.

I. Description INVERSION 2048:

INVERSION 2048 is A 2048 game, but with a twist. The world inverts itself. Along with the world, all the blocks invert themselves, and get a secondary number.
Got stuck? Look into the in-game shop, where you can spend your earned points! You can also buy some skins, but lookout for scams in the shop... well, it's in-game points anyway.

Sit down relax and enjoy INVERSION 2048.
Made with ❤️ by Realinspirer.

II. Instructions:

+ Use Mouse/Touch to navigate UI.
+ Use the on-screen UI buttons/WASD/Arrow
+ Keys/Touch(swipe) to play the game.

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