Rescue Girl

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Rescue Girl game is a free KBH Games Mobile. It has 1043 plays. and you can play this game online in your browser without the need for installation.

I. Description Rescue Girl:

Rescue Girl is an interesting puzzle in the genre of Pin Pull! There are many modes, go through unique levels with varying difficulty, solve difficult quests, pull a pin or choose the right way to develop the adventure.

II. Instructions:

+ Use left mouse button is to make a choice, either remove or move the pin.
+ Hold down the left mouse button to start drawing the line, then release the button to finish.
+ Your task is to help the Girl in not always logical decisions.
The game has three modes:
-Passing levels in the format of "Remove the studs".
-Quests with the ability to make a choice, in a puzzle format.
-Draw a line so that the coins fall into the chest.
_ Tips: The currency can be earned during the game or as a reward for ads.

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