Rescue Girl

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Rescue Girl is game Free. You can playing free online it's on your mobile, tablet or computer. No downloads, no login on kbh games

Rescue Girl is an interesting puzzle in the genre of Pin Pull! There are many modes, go through unique levels with varying difficulty, solve difficult quests, pull a pin or choose the right way to develop the adventure.

+ Use left mouse button is to make a choice, either remove or move the pin.
+ Hold down the left mouse button to start drawing the line, then release the button to finish.
+ Your task is to help the Girl in not always logical decisions.
The game has three modes:
-Passing levels in the format of "Remove the studs".
-Quests with the ability to make a choice, in a puzzle format.
-Draw a line so that the coins fall into the chest.
_ Tips: The currency can be earned during the game or as a reward for ads.

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