Skibidi Toilet Puzzle

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Skibidi Toilet Puzzle game is a free KBH Games Agility. It has 10102 plays. and you can play this game online in your browser without the need for installation.

I. Description Skibidi Toilet Puzzle:

Skibidi Toilet Puzzle is a fun puzzle game where you have to help the Skibidi Toilet complete the levels and escape from the Cameramen. Take on the role of a brave skibidi toilet and manage to outwit the cameramen.
+ Complete each of the levels, and if you are successful, you will have rewards of many coins, but keep in mind that if you take too long, the alarm will sound and you will be caught and eliminated.

II. Instructions:

Use the mouse to stretch the skibidi toilet's head across the map.
_ Mobile:
Tap the screen to stretch the skibidi toilet's head across the map.
_ Tips: When you collect a lot of coins, you can buy new skins for your skibidi, like fun characters like Rick and Morty, Five Nights at Freddy's, Monster Rainbow, and many more.

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