Wizard Arcadia

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Wizard Arcadia game is a free KBH Games Puzzle. It has 1054 plays. and you can play this game online in your browser without the need for installation.

I. Description Wizard Arcadia:

Wizards' Arcadia is a fantasy medieval world where magic and wonders are commonplace. The main character is a wizard who lives in a peaceful kingdom where humans and magic users live in harmony. As one of the defenders of the kingdom, the wizard stood guard at his home and began to fight against the villains.

II. Instructions:

+ Control spells using a spell panel displayed on the screen. To create a spell connect cells with the required symbols by swiping their finger on the screen. Then control the spell using a joystick. You must aim it in the right direction to hit enemies and deal damage, or use the spell to defend and heal themselves and allies.
+ To win, you must defeat waves of enemies that come at us. To lose a level, enemies need to destroy our castle door.

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